Amourcratez Kerfah et Mohammed Krist – Psaume af un l’amour de tous les l’amours et Dawid Psaume

Mot: Mohammed Kerfah, Musik & Choir af Dawid Psaume: Amourcratez Krist. Who wrote That? – My beloved Friend Igår whos name means – Yesterday, because his Soul is suffer pain greater than death, he lost someone, so I raised her from death, She said me: My Child Idag is lonely and lost, help him may he have eternal Life, she said She Love You and dont worry my Son, but She went sleep again, I am the one and only one Amourcratez From Krists Family, I am a Deicide, because I fought with God and I won. then God told me: I fought Jacob and he won, so I told him: because You fought with God and You won, from now Your name is not Jacob, but Israel, what means: A Men who fought with God and Won ( (Genesis 32 ). Literally the same like Jacob became Israel, Pawel Became Amourcratez. am I evil? I am, Emperor of All Evils, I am not a Good, am the One, orgasmatron, the outstretched grasping hand. My image is of agony, and My STUPID servants raped the land, the same as David King servants made mistakes, I want forgive Them All, And Kheal em all My Friend I Love You Angel, Jestem taki ktos kogo Kochac Masz, Jestem Iskra, ktora rozpala Plomien Odwiecznej Milosci w sercach Wszystkich Dusz ale tez Ugaszam Plomienie Czysccowe

Offentliggjort af Amourcratez

King Emperor in Amourcratia

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