1. CRN purpose, history and organisational structure
    2. CRN vision, mission statement and main aim
    3. History of AIDS projects of CRN
    4. Details of present AIDS projects
    5. Expenditure estimates for projects
    6. Financial Statements on donations and actual project expenditure,

2002-2003 Financial Statement
2003-2004 Financial Statement
2004-2005 Financial Statement
Kinshasa Imusil Project 2004 Financial Statement

  1. Kinshasa Imusil Project Results.
  2. Information on each of the nine alternative treatments for AIDS
  3. Vision for future compassionate response to the AIDS pandemic
  4. How to make donations
  5. CRN Constitution
  6. CRN circulars backdated since November 2001
  7. Sociocracy
  8. PNI Empowerment Trust in Harare
    Photos from Harare
    PNI Goodwill Ambassadors
    Jottings from Harare
  9. Promotional Articles
    April 2003 Flyer to launch public appeal
    May 2003 The ONLY Way
    August 2003 Article for Magazine Publication (4 1/2 pages)
    September 2003 Shortened Article for Magazine Publication (3 pages)

To Download the entire CRN Site (apart from Circulars) in a zipped version, click HERE.
To Download all past CRN Circulars in a zipped version, click HERE
To enter the CRN site on your floppy disc, compact disc or hard drive, double click on the file <index.htm>.

The zipped files would normally be downloaded into your “My Documents” folder of your hard-drive.To unzip the zipped file you will need WinZip which can be downloaded from Tucows, or ordering from <>





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