In the Italian town of Trevignano Romano, Our Lady predicted a coronavirus. A few months ago, before the virus appeared in China, Mary was talking about dangerous bacteria there. What else did she foretell us?


Pray for China, because new diseases will come from there. Everything is ready to pollute the air with unknown bacteria – these words Mary said in September 2019, i.e. when no one even mentioned coronavirus and COVID-19 disease. Later, when the disease was spreading to China and other countries, Mary said: “My children, why are you waiting for something terrible to happen, to get closer to God, and when all is well you do not know your Savior? My children, this will not be the last virus that will come from the earth, but expect other things, earthquake and plague, the world is full of it, and many, despite all this, have already given their soul to the devil. Children, this is a time of conversion, pray and believe in the Gospel, I promise you protection. ”

Apparitions at Trevignano Romano take place in public every third day of the month. But the visionary, Gisella Carda also receives messages on other days of the month. A woman is also a stigmatic. Throughout Lent she experiences painful wounds on his hands and feets.

Gisella has seen the Mother of God for years. It all began when she brought home a figurine from Medjugorje. After a few weeks, the figure flooded with bloody tears. Blood also flowed from the eyes of the image of the Merciful Jesus. And Gisella experienced her first apparitions.

The words of Mary of Trevignano Romano are terrifying. Already three years ago she predicted a great tragedy in Italy. It is worth quoting her words from October 29, 2016: “Dear children, Rome will soon collapse, a strong earthquake will occur and the altar of the homeland will be destroyed”; and the prophecy of August 23, 2016: “Pray for Italy, especially Rome, because what will come there is not good.”

Were those words also a preview of a virus that has been taking a grim harvest on the Apennine Peninsula for many weeks?

Our Lady in Trevignano Romano said, however, much more terrifying things: “Pray for world peace because preparations are underway for a war in which Russia, China and the United States will be involved,” said Our Lady in Trevignano Romano on January 24, 2017. What is currently happening in the relationship between Syria and Turkey indicates that war is in fact close. And this is a war that will engage the United States and Russia almost directly, and consequently China. It is no secret that there is a sharp dispute between America and the power of the Middle Kingdom. Are we really waiting for the third world war? Mary in Trevignano Romano even speaks of a “nuclear war”.

Our prayer can of course be the answer to these tragedies. In these difficult times, Our Lady is telling Gisella that the Cenacle of Prayers be created in homes for the salvation of humanity. Mary argues that the end times are coming for us, and her son has already chosen the day of the second coming.

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Source: telewizja republika

REMEMBER.. “Through fasting and prayer, one stop war, one can suspend the laws of Nature.” – Our Lady of Medjugorje July 21,1982

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