Ojciec Pio

Our Lord Jesus Christ told Father Pio the following messages of judgment for a third of humanity,

Christ promised Padre Pio that he will never leave anyone and everyone who spreads this Revelation

The time of My return is near. My angels called to this task will be armed with swords. Their attention will be directed against the ungodly. Fiery orcs and streams of lava will fall from the clouds. Lightning, floods, earthquakes will be incessant. Fiery plagues will occur in different countries and it will rain fiery. It will start on a very cold night. Thunder and earthquakes will last three days and three nights. This will prove that God is Lord. Let all those who believe in Me and believe My words not be afraid, because I will not leave them, and especially those who give this warning to others for their good, that they may turn to God and not do wrong. I am giving you signs to prepare for this.
The night will be cold and the wind will roar, there will be thunder, and then close the doors and windows and do not talk to anyone outside the home. Kneel under the cross and pray for your sins. While the earth is shaking you will not look outside, because God’s anger is holy, so double respect. Whoever does not listen to this advice will die. Who suffers as a martyr constantly – will die as a martyr and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. On the third night the fire and earthquakes will stop and the sun will shine at dawn. Angels in human forms will descend to earth bringing the spirit of peace. The immense joy of the saved people will raise thanksgiving to God. Whoever is in grace and honor the Holy Mother, nothing will happen to him. The punishment which falls will not be compared with any other punishment that God allowed for the creation of the world. One third of humanity will die. The seriousness of the moment makes me pay attention to the fact that this great danger threatens all humanity if they don’t come to their senses. No one knows the day or hour when it happens, only My Father knows it. Remember this admonition, which I give you, and do not underestimate yourself, because danger is near and for a short time. It should be used and not give in to evil or give way to evil. There will be no excuse for not knowing it. Heaven warns you, although people are not discouraged by it – but then it will be too late. White fog gas will emerge through / night / declaration of war from Budapest to Nuremberg, from Dresden to the Ruhr area, Konigsberg. Black and gray birds will arrive from the south – with such power that they will cover the sky, their headquarters will be St. Petersburg, near the Russians. And first a bomb will fall near a church in a Bavarian forest and everything will be destroyed and no one will be able to cross these territories. There will be various scary vehicles in villages and cities. South England and the North Pole will disappear forever. New lands will arise. New York, Marseille, Paris, Ruslany, Hatsburg and Vienna will die. The countries to the south of the Danube will be spared, they will not feel the war, who among them will look in the direction of destruction, his heart will not stand the terrible sight. After three days, the Cross will appear in the sky from the north. In one night more people will die than during two world wars.
These horrors will be followed by golden times. Let us remain in a state of grace, without grave sin, because we are in the bosom of God, who wants the good of his children to take them to him in the most appropriate moment. So we must pray for the salvation of souls.
Set a good example to everyone.
(Priest Pio Capuchin)

Offentliggjort af Amourcratez

King Emperor in Amourcratia

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