Hymn to the Holy Spirit

O Creator, Spirit, come

Lead the souls faithful to You,

Send the blue grace to Hearts,

what your hands are made of.

The comforter you are called,

And supreme god gift

You are the anointing of our souls

Lively spa, love, fire embers,

You give grace seven times

Because you have power from the right hand of the Father,

by God promised to us

You enrich our language with speech.

Light up our thought with light,

Pour holy love into our hearts,

And the weakness of our bodies

Strengthen by stability of Your power.

Drive the enemy away

And give us peace with you.

Let in the way after Your lead

We will pass evil, which tempts us.

Let us know your Father through you,

Let the Son also be known

And you, one breath of Two,

Let us confess with all our strength.

Let God the Father be glory,

and Son who is risen,

And to Him who comforts us,

Let the tribute of perpetual glories flows


Offentliggjort af Amourcratez

King Emperor in Amourcratia

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