Vision Without Words

If I had visions and they were with the participation of the saints, i.e. there were saints in these visions, I believe that the transmission of these visions is sacred and has a sacred character for the general purpose.

Once, when I was 3 years old, I had this vision three times. I saw a woman, like a witch, in the door of the apartment, I rose in the spirit as if from a children’s playpen to the staircase and standing on the ground floor, I had to go downstairs, but each step was very difficult as if physically painful. When I looked up at the door, the woman was still standing in the door of the apartment. She didn’t said nothing. In 2008 I felt as if the veil had gone from my mind and it turned out that this woman was Mary the Mother of God. I didn’t pay attention to her robes, but when the veil came down from my mind, I saw her robes as if woven from gold threads and pearls. I understood these visions as if it were planned above me that I leave my family home. And the effort as if the pain of going down the stairs symbolizes the emotional nature of the difficulty of leaving the family home.

Offentliggjort af Amourcratez

King Emperor in Amourcratia

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